Who Am I And Why Am I Here?

Comedian. Karaoke Superstar. Poker Extraordinaire. Sexy Bitch.

Those are just a few words often used to¬†describe me. My name is Aloysius Benski but some of you know me as The Skidmark Kid. I started this blog (that no one will read) because my Facebook account got suspended. It turns out that one of my Facebook “friends” was stealing my jokes so I called him out on it, and the a-hole reports me for not using my real name and says I was harassing him. Mark Zuckerberg’s team then comes swooping in and shuts down my account for violating the terms of service, because I was the only one on Facebook not using my real name.

Maybe one day I’ll be back on Facebook. But for now, here I am…friendless¬†with no one to listen to my crazy opinions and thoughts. But you’re reading this, so maybe I’m wrong.

That’s all you really need to know for now. Hurt.

Aloysius Benski, a/k/a The Skidmark Kid